Poonen wins Doob Prize!

Congratulations to Bjorn Poonen for the 2023 Joseph L. Doob Prize, awarded to his book Rational Points on Varieties.  This was published by the American Mathematical Society in 2017 in the series Graduate Studies in Mathematics.




Elkies delivers 2022 Ross Lecture

Collaboration PI Noam Elkies delivered the 2022 Arnold Ross lecture, titled Sphere packings and codes in various dimensions. The lecture is sponsored by the American Mathematical Society to inspire high school students through mathematics beyond the traditional classroom.

Simons Collaboration volume appears

A volume containing papers presenting work of the collaboration has just been published by Springer in its Simons Symposia book series.

David Lowry-Duda contributes plotting code to SageMath

A portrait of a modular form by collaboration member David Lowry-Duda is featured in an article on the Langlands Program in the German popular science magazine Spektrum der Wissenschaft. His code for complex plots will be featured in release 9.6 of SageMath.

Jennifer Balakrishnan

Jennifer Balakrishnan elected a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society

Congratulations to Jennifer Balakrishnan for her election as a Fellow of AMS citing her “contributions to arithmetic geometry and computational number theory and service to the profession.”

Balakrishnan to receive 2022 AWM-Microsoft Prize in Algebra and Number Theory

Jennifer Balakrishnan will receive the 2022 AWM-Microsoft Research Prize in Algebra and Number Theory in recognition of outstanding contributions to explicit methods in number theory, particularly her advances in computing rational points on algebraic curves over number fields. The award will be presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Seattle. See the AWM press release for more details.

The Simons Foundation Renews the Collaboration

In May 2021, The Simons Foundation notified the Simons Collaboration on Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory, and Computation that it was approved for renewal funding. The $6M ensures that the pure math research collaboration between Boston University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, and MIT will continue through August 2024.

Alex Best

Graduating team member to take positions in Europe

Congratulations to Alex Best, who recently finished his PhD at Boston University under the supervision of Jennifer Balakrishnan.  He will start a postdoctoral position at VU Amsterdam in July 2021, working with Sander Dahmen as part of the project “New Diophantine Directions.” In Fall 2022, Alex will then take up a Heilbronn Research Fellowship at King’s College London.

Sums of Cubes Research Published

“On a question of Mordell” by Andrew Booker (Bristol) and collaboration PI Andrew Sutherland has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. See MIT’s press release for how these solutions were found with the help of half a million home computers.

Breakthrough on tetrahedra

Collaboration PI Bjorn Poonen and affiliated researcher Kiran Kedlaya, with Alexander Kolpakov and Michael Rubinstein, have classified all tetrahedra with rational dihedral angles. This resolves a 1976 question of J.H. Conway and A.J. Jones. The solution is a tour-de-force of computational arithmetic geometry and requires solving a polynomial equation with 105 terms! Their preprint “Space vectors forming rational angles” is now on the arXiv; see their press release for more details.

Sutherland elected a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society

Congratulations to collaboration PI Andrew Sutherland, one of 46 members of the 2021 class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society! He was recognized “for contributions to number theory, both on the theoretical and computational aspects of the subject.”